File Your Probate Court Petition

Just $899.00 in any state


Lynx Legal Service will help you get started on the right foot.  Probate court is something most people don’t think much about until they have to.   Lynx Legal Service does the hard part for you.




Lynx Legal will get you prepared for your probate process and get all your legal documentation in shape for a fraction of the cost of an attorney.



Lynx Legal Service knows what you need.

You are trying to do your duty to your departed love one. You recognize that you have a duty to the other family members that are looking to you to do the right thing. Nonetheless, you want to get the job done at the lowest cost, and with as little family upset as possible. Let Lynx Legal help you achieve most positive outcome possible.

Let us help you get the process started on the right foot. Call us today, answer a few basic questions, and we will prepare the initial forms that need to be filed. We will get you on your way to settling the probate estate rapidly and efficiently. We will even help you file additional documentation during the process that may be required. You may also complete the attached set up form and return it to us via fax or email to start your probate case right away.

Here is a brief outline of the way a typical probate petition filing will proceed, with our company.
  • We will open a work order, and charge you $899.00. All we need is contact information, and a form of payment for the fee.  We can take a credit card, debit card, or check debit.

  • Once your order is open we will assign your case to one of our paralegals, who will work with you throughout the process and schedule a case inception consultation at a time convenient to you or immediately after your order is entered. He or she will gather the additional details we need about the case, answer any questions about the process, and give you a timeline for your case completion.

  • The paralegal will then prepare all necessary documents and upload them to our web portal so that you can view, print and sign them, and return to us for filing.

  • You return the forms with a check for the filing fee payable to the court.

  • We file the petition with the court.

  • The court will send you a copy of the conformed petition, and a hearing date.

  • We will check with the court examiner to see what additional documentation corrections or information he is requesting. We will provide the addition documentation.

  • When applicable, we will publish a legal notice in a newspaper of general circulation (approved by the court).

  • You appear at the hearing, where you will be given your letters of administration. This “letter” (actually a court order) gives you the authority to distribute the estate assets to the lawful beneficiaries of the estate. 

Ready to start?  Please call us at

888-441-2355, fax to 925-848-0525 or email our intake and order form to us at  One of our paralegals will be in touch ASAP.

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