Guardianship in California – What is a Guardian?

In California, the need for guardianship is growing as the numbers of aging adults with diminished capacity increase. In this blog post, I explain what a guardian does, as well as a guardian’s powers and limitations. Contents1 What is a Guardian?2 When is a Guardian necessary?3 What is the Difference Between a Guardian and a […]

Child Support in California

Learn how to calculate child support in California and how payments can be modified or terminated. Contents1 Understanding Child Support in California2 California Child Support Guidelines3 Estimating Child Support Payments4 Collecting Child Support5 Modifying the Amount of Child Support Understanding Child Support in California Child support is a monthly payment a parent pays another to […]

Probate Services Brentwood LYNX


You need Estate Planning in Brentwood? LYNX WILL HELP YOU SETTLE YOUR PROBATE. We can assist with all aspects of Probate & Estate Planning in Brentwood  Lynx Legal Service will help you get started on the right foot.  Probate court is something most people don’t think much about until they have to. Lynx Legal Service does […]

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